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Delphi, Full Day Trip (7-8 hours).


 High above the Gulf of Corinth, in a path about 2 hours from city of Athens in the shadow of the, surrounded by trees, sacred mountain of Parnassos, are Delphi. Known in ancient times as the "navel" of the world (center).

There we will visit the archaeological site of the Temple of Apollo famous for its oracle and the Museum of Delphi with stunning artwork, including the bronze Charioteer, the Sphinx Naxos and the statue of Antinoos.

A short distance from the archaeological site is the beautiful traditional mountain village of Arachova. There we will meet visitors of the ski center of Parnassos, the largest in Greece, and we will be having lunch in one of its many restaurants. Arachova is known for its handicrafts, as well as for its wine and cheese.



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