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MONASTERY OF SAINT NEKTARIOSAegina, The Monastery of Saint Nektarios (5-6 hours)

The Monastery of Saint Nektarios in Aegina was built around 1904-1910 by Bishop Nektarios of Pentapolis. Nektarios lived in the Monastery and died in 1920. In 1961 it was declared a Saint.

The monastery is on the road to Agia Marina and is approximately 6 km from the town of Aegina. The church has two tall steeples and four rows of windows with a red bow crowning. The of St. Nektarios Monastery is a female Monastery and 14 nuns live in it. The memory of the saint is celebrated on November 9. Then, thousands of people gather to the monastery from all parts of Greece.

In the monastery there are many offerings and tributes from a large number of pilgrims.



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